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    Ta Petro

    UltraOne Fleet Payment Cards

    UltraONE QuikQ Card Launch

    APPLY at 1-800-987-8617

    or email SalesSupport@ta-petro.com

    You save with:
    • Competitive transaction fees.
    • No cost for account maintenance.
    • No cost for cards and tags.
    • Cash pricing for fuel.
    • The use of the UltraONE fleet payment card for truck maintenance, services, and more.


    You stay secure:
    • With easy cardless fueling technology.
    • With customizable purchase policies, product limits, and fueling networks.
    • With customized driver prompts.
    • With RFID tags available for commercial fuel.


    You get RFID technology:
    • That expedites the fueling process.
    • That eliminates the need for cards.
    • With radio frequency identification.
    • That protects against fuel theft.
    • That is available at all TravelCenter locations.


    You get real-time reporting:
    • That monitors fuel stops for security purposes.
    • With customizable reporting based on company requirements.
    • To maximize efficiency and minimize cost.
    • To view available credit balances.
    • With back office integration through McLeod, Prophesy, TMW, and more. 


    For more information on our commercial fleet accounts click here

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